Zoo Zoom Crew Snow Adventure is the ultimate snow-packed, fun-filled adventure!

People of all ages will love cruising down the slopes with an adorably cool cast of characters as they race through obstacles, earn big points and throw snowballs at mischievous mountain friends along the way!

How to play

  • Stay on the slopes as long as you can as you tilt left & right to move through the obstacles!
  • Swipe up and down to pick up speed and zoom zoom!
  • Tap to throw snowballs at the snowmen meanies and surprise mountain wildlife!
  • Earn big points by speeding through gates and trees and jumping over bumps and cliffs!
  • Use your coins to buy power-ups and upgrades.
  • Complete your objectives to earn trophies!
  • Compete with your friends through Game Center and see who can get the highest score!

Cool features

  • Endless play gives you hour of fun suitable for all ages!
  • Choose your character and race with style!
  • Conquer 4 different slopes!
  • Challenge your friends via Game Center to win the  highest score!
  • Triumph over multiple levels of objectives to gain  trophies in the Trophy Room
  • Pulse-pounding fun for everyone

Cool Characters

Halsey the HippoLukas the LionKlara the KangarooKris the Koala

  • Halsey the Hippo
    Let’s be friends! Choose me to zoom zoom zoom down the hill of fun!
  • Lukas the Lion
    Please pick me and help me conquer this mountain in style!
  • Klara the Kangaroo
    Go for me if you want to jump and jive on the slope!
  • Kris the Koala
    Cuddle…I mean RACE with me and help me get those points!